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Media Project Management

Acheron Media Project Management (MPM) is a comprehensive solution that is built on OpenText Media Management (OTMM) and OpenText AppWorks (Process Suite) to empower the marketing teams and project manager to manage all their creative workflow in one place - from initial request to delivery. It automates your Digital Media Project life cycle and delivers a holistic approach to the digital MPM by extending OTMM and Customer Experience Management with the intelligent BPM Engine.
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Project Ideation

With configurable upstream ideation workflows, you can filter out the incoming ad-hoc or standard requests so that you can put your resources on what is really needed. It is flexible and supports both the traditional BPM Workflow and the Case Model. Upon approval, a Creative process is launched with the pre-defined template that was configured for the Request type and gets converted into a project.

Task Dependency

Having complex approval process ?. Don't worry, we got you covered. With MPM you can mark a task dependent on other so that they get delivered when all its depended tasks get's completed. By this way you can define any complex approval process. MPM also has a resource management module so that when you create a new task, it automatically presents you with the user’s current work load on the selected timeframe and other recommendations so then you can make the best possible decision.S


With the integration of Online proofing tool Creative Review, either be it a video or a simple word document, you can annotate, comment, collaborate and approve them without even stepping out from the application portal. It also support digital signatures and ensure CFR part 11 compliance.

Downstream Publishing and Sharing

Either be it sharing a simple poster to your vendor for printing or publishing your awesome videos to YouTube MPM does it for you in just few clicks. You can also configure MPM to do this automatically when your project is approved and closed.

Reports and Calendar

MPM Supports a wide variety of reporting tools so that you can configure attributes that you would like to report on. It also provides a calendar view so that the Project Managers can get an holistic picture of the project timeline and the load of the resources who are working on it. You can also configure MPM to send weekly/monthly/yearly reports to the specified user group(s).

Key Benefits

Configurable Ideation Workflows

Define/Update workflows with few clicks

Seamless integration with Opentext Media Management

Configurable reports and calendars.

One step publishing process to multiple channels.

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Acheron MLR

Acheron Medical, Legal and Regulatory Compliance & Approval Solution (MLR) provides a comprehensive platform to manage the MLR reviews and approvals, ensure regulatory compliance and improve the management of creative teams and assets. Acheron MLR solution is built on OpenText Media Management and Appworks platform to manage the life cycle of promotional material. It replaces manual processes with system-driven workflows and lifecycles. It leverages the OTMM for the content management, versions management and media operations. MLR solution leverages Appworks for the lifecycle management of the content, external system integration and master data management.

Why choose Acheron MLR?

Medical Legal Review (MLR) has always been one of the most challenging and complex aspects of the marketing production process for Life Sciences companies. Organizations need a fresh approach to MLR that enables a timely and efficient marketing workflow and allows for rapid process innovation. Acheron MLR solution can help streamline and accelerate the MLR process.


Acheron MLR is designed with the primary goal to help life sciences industries in Planning, Auditing, Reviewing, Publishing and Archiving regulated marketing contents through a single comprehensive system.

Planning & Auditing

MLR Submissions module gives you the flexibility to plan and track the global submissions in an effective manner. Content submission along with relationships and references lookup have been incorporated to ensure that all submissions are equipped with the required contents that in turn helps in speeding up the approval process. Tracking of submissions has never been so easy with the introduction of the auditing module that gives an entire history of the request lifecycle along with visibility to key metadata changes.


With the integration of Creative Review the reviewing process using Acheron MLR solution has been easier than ever before. Features to support digital signatures and ensure FDA compliance through a single interface has been an overwhelming success in the Life Sciences industry.


Acheron MLR comes with a fully integrated system that gives the power to publish marketing contents to various upstream and downstream channels seamlessly. This continuous integration has helped the life sciences industry to speed up their reach to various markets globally.


Acheron Archiving module is enriched with advance filtering mechanisms that helps in retrieving the archived contents in faster and secure fashion globally. This content repository plays a significant role in ensuring that the marketing contents can be accessed based on business rules across various markets with ease and thereby ensuring the submissions faster.

Key Benefits

A one stop solution for complaint free marketing contents.

Gives you the speed to market contents globally with ease.

Unified system to raise and track submission life cycle.

One step publishing process to multiple channels.

Global content availability.

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EHS Package

Acheron EHSMS (Environment, Health and Safety Management System) solution is built on Open Text Process suite, Content Server and Brava Viewer. It leverages the Open Text Process platform core engine to design, build, deploy and manage the business processes. This solution is built on top of Entity Modelling to capture the EHS entities, its associated tasks and its life cycle. On the business perspective, this solution will set the business to set for the future by,

Key Features:

  • Reducing the risk of personal trauma or injury.
  • Prevent Material loss from a business.
  • Promote Employee Morale.
  • Ensure Customer Confidence.

Action Management

Action Management Module is a reusable Module which can run on its own. It provides support component for other modules. It has its own life cycle management; Actions can be registered from external modules like Corrective Action Report, Audit, Safety Topic Scheduler, etc., Action will have Action Owner, Verifier and a Sign off person. System would provide an experience for the user to Perform, Review and Complete the action.

Incident Management

Incident Management Module is the one which would act as the supporting component for other modules. During the lifecycle of EHS operations, the Incidents will be documented and stored in this module. This Module is connected to Open Text Content server or Archive server at the backend. The documents can be reviewed and annotated using Brava viewer.

Safety Imaging Package

Safety Image Package Module allows the user to schedule, track and report any EHS training topics. User can setup a Safety topic and assign a creator and facilitator. Creator can upload the Safety topic materials and send for review and approval. Facilitator conducts the training and marks the topic as complete. The outcome of the Training are captured as Actions in the “Action Module”.

Corrective Action Reports

Corrective Action Reports (CAR) can be triggered from Audit Module or it can be registered and triggered as a stand alone module. It is an integral part of an organization’s, continuous improvement plan. Solution enables the knowledge workers to capture, track and maintain accurate records. System allows to assign tasks, follow-up corrective action tasks to employees and track those tasks. It also allows the user to register the actions from CAR.

Audit Management

Audit Management module manages the end-to- end lifecycle of the Audit. The solution allows and makes it easy for the knowledge workers to manage any type of Audits, Activities, Tasks, Associated data and processes from EHS, to Quality and to Conformance. System provides pro-active notification and alerts to the Auditee, Lead Auditor and Management Representative. Audit module is deeply integrated with the Corrective Action Reporting Module.

Request Project Management

Acheron Request Management (RM) is a comprehensive solution that is built on OpenText Media Management (OTMM) to manage all the creative requests in one place, from initial request to delivery. Solution provides the Creative teams to get the right to work with requests that come in a common format in the unified experience and with the right context including supporting documents and other artifacts to support immediate action.

Translations Workflow

Translation workflow is a complete solution for systemizing and automating the Packaging and Marketing Approval workflows using Open Text Products. It automates the Process flows, Data Models and System security, integrating it with OpenText Business Process Management (OTBPM).


Acheron PAM (Purchase Order Approval Management) application for SAP is a software solution built on top of Open Text Process Suite to manage the end to end workflow of Purchase Request, Approval and Order Creation. It integrates at once, the Buyer / Purchase Requests, Approver / Approval Process and the Vendor / Order Creation, to stream line the logistics by saving time of the material to be purchased. It is integrated with SAP all through the process.

Mobile Solutions – Appworks

To provide greater benefits to the customers who are using our solutions, we have extended our existing applications via AppWorks Gateway. This delivers faster value to the business users, accelerating the Approval process. This solution is currently available for Apple iOS and Google Android and provide access to the device hardware and mobile operating system.

Process Suite Accelerator

Acheron PSA is a Framework built with a responsive Process portal which is integrated with,

  • Open Text Media Management (OTMM)
  • Content Server
  • Brava
  • Creative Review (Viki), OTDA
  • Directory Services

It delivers the power and flexibility to digitize, automate and integrate process across functions, systems, machines and clouds. This innovative platform supports tight integration between content and process to connect the right person, system or thing with the content it needs at the right time.

User Provisioning

Acheron OTMM User Provisioning (AOUP) is a framework built on OpenText Process Suite technology by leveraging the Entity Modeling architecture and “Information-first” development methodology to provision and onboard users in OpenText Media Management (OTMM). AOUP allows organizations to automate the OTMM User registration process such as account creation, editing, deleting, automatically assign OTMM user security policy rights.

Digitize Docs

Tired of managing the information through paper based format. Here is the solution – Acheron eDocs, that we have built to convert your physical document (PDF) to Entities / Digital intelligent applications. Remember, these are not a replacement of scanning OCC. Just upload your PDF documents and the rest is ensured, as it turns into huge database of information that can be used for Management purposes – Audit, Marketing, etc., Undoubtedly, this is heavily packed with several other advantages like Security, Easy retrieval, Version Control and Sharing.

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