Migration Services

Our Cloud Migration services help customers to move the organisations on-premises applications to SaaS, moving clients to IaaS and also helping clients with a transition to other cloud products such as disaster recovery as a service. With this, we ensure a seamless integration with other cloud apps maximizing performance by mitigating the risk, leading to business growth in future.

Application Migration

We have the expertise in migrating the existing applications depending on the architecture and existing licensing arrangements. Migration support is provided by us on data, applications, or other business components from your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud or from one cloud service to another.

Database Migration

Database migration is handled by us with Security practices related to authentication, authorization, server hardening and separation of duties with regards to database administrators. Our Cloudwatch services to monitor the activity on database servers.

Storage Migration

Storage migration services of ours will simplify scalability and accelerate access to data for regulatory and e-discovery requirements. By leveraging cloud storage migration, security, compliance and migration are improved and ensured.

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