DevOps and Code Deploy

We use AWS CodeDeploy to automate code deployment to Amazon EC2 instances and also deploy instances running on premises. We make sure that the application downtime is minimized by using the methods such as Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration.


We use chef to enable automation, by which, IT team can deploy servers themselves at large scale, straight from the code that underpins their software, by which, DevOps implementation is made simpler.

AWS DevOps

Our team of DevOps experts automate end to end delivery pipeline across cloud platforms. Building and deployment of complex cloud architectures are possible.


We employ lean methodologies that are aimed at reducing manual hand-offs between development, operations and finally customers. By leveraging integration technologies and with a proprietary integration platform, we bring tools together as used by different stakeholders.


Using AWS CodeDeploy, we automate software deployments to a variety of compute services so as to maximize efficiency and shorten the feedback loop which are vital to creating and maintaining a competitive edge. In the current agile development environment, we help to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery.


Provide services for your continuous integration and continuous delivery journey. With our specialized team and services we can help you to build the CodePipeline which builds, tests and deploys your code every time there is a code change, based on your release process models and definition.

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