Core Services

At Acheron, we help companies get started with cloud and provide custom solutions which will help them achieve their organizational goals. With the proven tools that we handle, the companies get the data protection benefits such as high availability and disaster recovery along with the scalability in building applications, websites and other services.

Monitoring & Notification

  • Routing Health checks
  • Industry Drifts and Best Practice Review
  • Proactive IDM Infrastructure Management
  • Automation of system alerts and recovery

SLA Management

As Service professionals for cloud hosting, we will be able to develop the appropriate solution that would benefit both of us, by means of Service Level Agreements, which will
  • Maintain Patron prerequisites
  • Price adjustment schemes
  • Disagreements, termination and cancellation clauses
  • Accomplish contractual protection

S3 Management

Support services for storage and retrieval of any amount of data, anytime and anywhere on the web is provided by us. The key features of this support is
  • S3 Bucket – Creating and Configuring
  • Managing Objects – Uploading and Downloading
  • Storage Management
  • Setting Bucket and Object Access Permissions

IAM Policy Management

Now, facilitate the management of electronic or digital identities through Identity and Access Management. This management includes
  • Single sign on
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Data governance to ensure that only the relevant data is shared.

Snapshots and Backup

We provide services for the snapshot automation based on the custom defined tags in your cloud environment. The snapshots can from your resources defined in the cloud or we can provide the same level of services for your on premise resources.


We have inbuilt tools that provide control to the IT Infrastructure and the applications on cloud. Security controls, governance and automation of resources to provide the additional security layer.
  • WAF
  • AWS Organization and account creation automation
  • DevSecOps

Configuration Services

Cloud configuration is now made simpler. Using the different kinds of software and hardware we administer and ensure that the service is reliable, performance is acceptable, and communications are secure. Configuration services differ among – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, which will clearly be laid out in the SLA.

Incident Response

Although, we have a strong infrastructure and physical security, sometimes, the breaches due to vulnerabilities are inevitable. Under such a circumstance, we offer,
  • Instant Analysis and suggestions for remedy.
  • Portray evidence for review
  • Reduce risk based on suggestions

CloudWatch Log service

We support in Monitoring, Storing, accessing and retrieval of log files from various instances and sources from the CloudWatch logs data. Some key features associated with this support are:
  • Monitor log data – real time.
  • Archive log data and events.
  • Create and config custom CloudWatch Log agents
  • Identity Access Management.
  • Integration with AWS Lambda.
  • Secured storage in S3.

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