AWS Developer


2-4 years (1-3 years in AWS)

No. of Openings


Key competencies

  • Design and develop dynamically scalable, highly available, highly reliable and fault-tolerant applications on AWS
  • Migrate existing, complex on-premises applications to the AWS platform
  • Select appropriate AWS services to design and deploy an application based on the business requirements
  • Code, test, debug, implement, and document efficient database driven web applications
  • Prepare appropriate documentation such as program code, and technical documents
  • Assist the project manager in preparing estimates and justification for assigned tasks
  • Participate in software development processes with quality assurance, version control and build processes
  • Work with management to resolve issues and validate programming requirements within areas of responsibility

Core Responsibility

  • Utilize knowledge of systems and infrastructure architecture to create a strong core for application development and apply model for delivering and acquiring IT cloud services
  • Identify, assess and solve complex business problems for cloud infrastructure solutions
  • Perform analysis and evaluation of environments to assist with provisioning cloud solutions
  • Picking the right AWS services for the application
  • Leveraging AWS SDKs to interact with AWS services from your application
  • Writing code that optimizes performance of AWS services used by your application
  • Code-level application security (IAM roles, credentials, encryption, etc.)
  • Developing and maintaining applications written for Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon Simple Workflow Service, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS CloudFormation
  • Developing with RESTful API interfaces
  • Programming with AWS APIs
    • Creating alerts (custom and managed) for different services
    • Extracting log data and creating custom logs
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